Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Smash Burger in Folsom

The NorCal Burger with fries

A new to Northern California burger joint opened in Folsom a few months ago.  It was highly anticipated as a place that makes burgers really well and has some unique combo's.  I was also told they also have very good shakes made with dryers ice cream.

So I had to go see what it was all about.  Smash Burger is located in Folsom at 703 E. Bidwell near Wales St.

I decided to try the signature NorCal Smash Burger which consisted of Brie Cheese, Apple wood smoked Bacon, sliced balsamic-marinated tomatoes, grilled onions, lettuce and mayo on a sourdough bun.

It was a good burger, had a very good presentation, service was nice and the burger and fries were tasty.  The combo of flavors was good, but I must admit, not my favorite.

All in all it was a good experience, but I think I'll stick to making my own gourmet burger combo's.


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  1. IMHO, way too many flavors on a single burger and competing flavors too. The best burger is a simple burger with complimentary flavor (grilled balsamic olive oil red onion rings or a siracha mayo or high quality barbecue sauce). But tasting perfectly cooked ground steak is the best part and the bun better hold up to the meat. Soggy buns suck.